Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Blog Post 10 - Final ITEC 2215 Thoughts

This class has definitely been a wonderful start to my future at Middle Georgia. After several semesters of poor quality classes at a different university, it was very refreshing to start off with such a high quality class. I feel that this class has not changed the direction I am headed, but further solidified it. As part of my professional personal goals at my current job, I added a goal to get a certification this year. I plan to take the CompTIA Security+ certification exam later this year, so that I add some validity to my current knowledge base. Thankfully, my company offers tuition reimbursement, so I have the ability to finish my degree.

Blogging is not something that I have ever kept up with, as I have never felt like I have had anything of value to say. I don't know if it is a practice I will continue, but that could change, given the right circumstances. For outside learning opportunities, I constantly am utilizing sites like UdemyCourseraUdacity, and Stack Skills, to gain new knowledge. I have taken Cyber Security courses from all of these sites and also Python classes. My motto is that if you stop learning, you stop living.

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