Thursday, February 15, 2018

Thoughts on initial use of Canva and other Infographic sites

Being that this was my first attempt at creating an infographic, it was surprisingly easy. The Canva site was well laid out and had plenty of content to suit my needs. I felt that I was able to create a professional looking infographic with not a lot of fuss. Other sites that I have come across that help to create infographics are listed below.

Be Funky
While I think Be Funky is a good competitor to Canva, it utilizes Flash, which to me is a big drawback.

Visme is another free infographic site, however it doesn't seem to have the graphic and template library that Canva dominates the market with. is probably the best Canva contender. Through the ease of use and robust library, I felt like this site gave Canva the best run for its money.

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