Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Midterm Project/Presentation and Blog Post

For the Midterm Project, I chose Module 5: Digital Security, Ethics, and Privacy, because my degree concentration is Cybersecurity. My job also includes portions of cybersecurity, a subject matter that I find very interesting. Using the Blackboard Ultra software also presented several challenges.

The main challenge was that the Powerpoint often didn't render, as I thought it would, once uploaded to Blackboard Ultra. There were several times that text was in the wrong place or hanging off the screen. Also, one stumbling block was that I created my slides in Keynote and exported as Powerpoint. This conversion left some of the text in the wrong places, as well. The time it takes Blackboard Ultra to post the video is quite a long wait, considering that a lot of web video software compiles and renders video in much quicker time. All and all, the experience was a fascinating one to peek into the challenges that professors go through, to deliver high quality content.

A challenge I also experienced, outside of Blackboard Ultra, was how to condense down the chapter material and how to break it into the important bits.

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