Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Blog Post 7 - CTF / ACS

My wife and I both enjoyed the Capture the Flag Competition. I ended up with 63,515,350 points. I believe that is 8th overall! Some of the skills required to complete these tasks forced me to Google new concepts. For instance, I already had Kali Linux, but I had never utilized any Steganography items before. This concept fascinates me and I can't wait to learn more. I felt the Cyber Knights did a fantastic job putting this challenge together. I look forward to future challenges.

The ACS was a delight. I am thankful to my company for allowing me to attend, without taking a day off from work. The speakers offered great insight on Cyber Security and provided me with some new subject matter to research. I enjoyed meeting new people and learning about Hacker Halted Conference in Atlanta. I plan to attend the conference, as it looks like a blast.

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